New Episode with Donna Lynn Pokowitz, CEO of CausePilot

New Episode with Donna Lynn Pokowitz, CEO of CausePilot

This episode features Donna Lynn Pokowitz. Donna is the CEO and founder of CausePilot. CausePilot is a new start-up in Nashville that has developed software designed to raise money through digital fundraising programs to help non-profits, foundations, clubs, schools, and other notable causes all across the United States (and abroad). Donna has been working on this company for approximately 10 years and recently launched CausePilot in February of 2021. The big goal for CausePilot is to help their clients and supporters raise 100 million dollars by 2025. This software and platform is a true game-changer in the fundraising space and is on pace to do some really amazing work.

Talk about "what's going right", CausePilot is about to change the game in fundraising and helping non-profits continue their work through raising funds for their mission!

Here is a quick explainer video for CausePilot!

CausePilot Explainer Video

Be sure to check out www.causepilot.com and keep an eye out for all the amazing work they are doing! Big thank you to Donna for sharing her story and the mission of CausePilot! Definitely a great example of all things Spread The Positive!

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