New Podcast Episode: DJ JUWC

New Podcast Episode: DJ JUWC
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This episode features Jaylen James, AKA DJ JUWC. JUWC is a all around awesome example of everything STP. He is a super talented DJ, producer and entertainer, that has a huge passion for building the communities he is part of. He is actively pushing the envelope on issues that need to be addressed and is out here really trying to make a positive impact with the work he does. He was one of the founding members of the Murfreesboro Community Fridge initiative that is bringing fresh healthy food to those who need it most with 24/7 access. Be sure to check the full podcast for his whole story and ways to follow this guy. Big thanks to JUWC for being on the pod and all he is doing to Spread The Positive.

DJ JUWC speaking about the Free Food Fridays Series

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