About Us

Our Story

It started from a voicemail message one of our biggest ambassadors, Adam “Coletrain” Cole had on his phone over seven years ago. The greeting message went something like…

“Hey this is Adam, sorry I missed your call. Hope you are spreading the posiTIVE. Leave me a message and I will call you back”

I can still here it perfectly in my head to this day and needless to say it really stuck with me. At the time life was really weird, the hurt in the world had me longing to create something as a counter to the mainstream media that is designed, for some reason to showcase every awful thing that happens on repeat. This has never set well with me and so many others that I have come up with. Spread The Positive has changed directions, concepts and missions more than once over the last seven years, but one thing that has remained the same is the hunger to create a brand that is reminder of everything “good”, “optimistic”, “inspiring” or really any other positive adjective you throw in there that happens all the time. Think “Life is Good” with a proactive mission to create and distribute strictly positive content.

That’s Spread The Positive.

Our Approach

Spread The Positive’s approach is simple. We want to reward our community for participating and living our brand so to speak. Through social media campaigns and sponsorship opportunities We are going to give away prizes for people who engage and submit worthy content showcasing anything they deem as “positive”.

**We do realize “positive” is a subjective term and while we encourage pushing the mold and sharing whatever one may find positive, final considerations and decisions will be made in house by our team.

The idea is to reward people for being conscious of all of the amazing things that happen in front of us everyday. The examples are endless really.  Celebrate all of them. We share stuff without even thinking sometimes and not always the most uplifting content. We aim to switch that up. It’s amazing what you notice and how far the most simple gesture goes while keeping the goal of being positive at the core of what you do.

Another thing we recognize here is that there is duality to everything. We understand very well that the world is not all gumdrops and rainbows. In all actuality things are really scary these days. With technology and media outlets designed the way they are, we feel that any dent we can do to provide a counter is only a good thing, but something that is needed on a crazy level. With this in mind we plead with you to help create something special with us here at Spread The Positive.

Meet the Team

Our “team” is still in the developmental stages and we are always open to new people wanting to be involved.

Trent Denson