All Things A Soldier’s Child is Back! God’s Story…Our Journey Ep. 1 is out now!

All Things A Soldier’s Child – “God’s Story…Our Journey” Ep. 1 – How Do I Maintain My Faith After Journey Camp?


In a world where negative headlines often overshadow the positive, is thrilled to shed light on the inspiring return of “All Things A Soldier’s Child.” The latest series, “God’s Story…Our Journey,” promises listeners a soul-stirring experience, beginning with its inaugural episode titled, “How Do I Maintain My Faith After Journey Camp?”

The Legacy of “All Things A Soldier’s Child

All Things A Soldier’s Child (ASC) has a proud history of sharing enlightening narratives that delve into the lives and experiences of the children of soldiers. These tales not only offer insight into the challenges faced by these young individuals but also illuminate the resilience of the human spirit.

What to Expect from “God’s Story…Our Journey”

The new series, “God’s Story…Our Journey,” amplifies this legacy. It seeks to connect stories of faith, resilience, and personal growth, focusing on how camp experiences, particularly at Journey Camp, have affected the lives of its attendees.

The first episode, led by the visionary Daryl Mackin and camp connoisseur Frank, dives into heartfelt conversations with campers. These brave young souls join remotely to recount their transformative experiences at Journey Camp. But more than that, they delve into the all-important question many find themselves grappling with post-camp: How does one maintain the intense faith kindled at the camp amidst the routine and often challenging realities of daily life?

God’s Story…Our Journey – Episode 1 – How Do I Maintain My Faith After I Leave Journey Camp?

Why You Should Tune In

  1. Real Stories, Real Impact: The narratives presented in the series are raw, genuine, and deeply impactful. They resonate with listeners on various levels, regardless of their backgrounds.
  2. Faith & Personal Growth: For anyone on a spiritual journey or those curious about the experiences of others, this series offers a unique perspective on faith and personal growth.
  3. Community Building: The series underscores the importance of community, showing how shared experiences, like those at Journey Camp, can foster bonds that last a lifetime.

A Note on Our Sponsor: Scott Stuible and “The Stuible Agency”

Scott Stuible’s sponsorship goes beyond a mere financial partnership. His deep-rooted connection to A Soldier’s Child underscores a commitment to the community and the uplifting stories that stem from it. His unwavering support ensures that these narratives reach audiences far and wide, reminding us of the boundless potential of unity and shared experiences.

Join Us on This Soulful Journey

As the world navigates through challenging times, stories of hope, faith, and resilience are more vital than ever. “God’s Story…Our Journey” stands as a testament to the power of shared experiences, faith, and the indomitable spirit of youth.

Make sure to tune into “All Things A Soldier’s Child” and embark on this remarkable journey with Daryl, Frank, and the inspiring campers from Journey Camp. Let’s spread positivity, one story at a time.

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