Brandon Stansell – Openly Gay Country Music Artist, Advocate, & More

Super special episode of the STP Podcast featuring Brandon Stansell! Brandon is an openly gay country music singer/songwriter/artist! He has a really incredible story and is passionate about being a source of hope and inspiration for people that are in similar situations as him. He recently was part of a super powerful documentary called, “Three Cords and a Lie” that documents his life and tells the story of coming out in a Southern Baptist Christian household. It’s a gut-wrenching story that way too many people experience. Brandon is definitely a light and a great example of all things STP. His music is amazing and he is doing so much for the LGBTQIA+ community. He supports organizations like Launch Pad that support kids that are displaced for coming out. Amazing story, amazing conversation! Thank you for the work you do Brandon!  

Be sure to check out his new EP, This Must Be the Place on all of your favorite streaming platforms! 

Listen here on Spotify

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