Spread The Positive Presents…”Women Nourishing Our Community Spotlight”

Spread The Positive Presents…”Women Nourishing Our Community Spotlight”


Women Nourishing Our Community Spotlight

We are really excited to announce a new segment we are starting with Ladawna Parham, the Director of Nourish Food Bank called, “Nourishing Women in Our Community”. The premise is to bring light to women that are doing incredible work and living out the Spread The Positive mission! We are really excited about partnering with Ladawna and some other really amazing ladies to help grow this initiative!

We are looking for people to submit nominees for this moving forward. There will be a page and contact form where people will be able to send in submissions for women that are making a positive impact on the community they are serving and beyond.

Ladawna took the time to write this really great piece on the first incredible lady we would like to recognize! The Program Director for Endure Athletics (a cause very near and dear to STP), Jeannie Bigelow is the first person to receive the “Women Nourishing Our Community Spotlight”.

Jeannie Bigelow, Program Director, Endure Athletics:

  • Jeannie works front line with homeless children living in hotels across the community providing food, education, sports engagement, life skills, a helping hand and an open heart.
  • Hugs, love and a nurturing spirit that transcends vulnerability and brings new life to the eyes of children who have seen too much harsh reality are things that don’t make it into many reports or news stories. But they are the things that transform the least of these into the ones who have a chance at a better future and a broken cycle.
  • She takes note of who needs an extra serving, who has outgrown their coat, who can’t participate in school activities or who needs someone to talk to. While their peers are able to go home and talk to their mom or dad when something tough happens at school or with friends, many of Endure’s kids don’t get to do that. But Jeannie always has time for those kids to help them talk through a tough situation. She also always has time and a smile for anyone volunteering with Endure who may need a bit of encouragement to continue when the emotions of the job make it hard to keep showing up. She picks up the slack with a “how can I help” attitude and a willingness to keep her hands dirty and her feet moving.
  • Jeannie somehow manages to be all in as she supports Endure Athletic’s mission, while also raising four beautiful daughters who are in school and involved in school activities of their own. She participates in their goals and activities and works hard to demonstrate the loving qualities of a mother and the importance of leading a healthy and rewarding life. She seeks opportunities to go on outings with her husband and exercises regularly. Jeannie is a woman of faith who finds strength and peace in reaching for the word of God and the comfort of her church family. She consistently spreads positivity as she works to nourish our community through her service and support, while striving to be the best version of herself that she can be for her own health and because she knows her daughters’ eyes are on her, looking toward the kind of women they will become.  

Congratulations to Jeannie! Very, very well deserved! Thank you for all that you do Jeannie! You are changing lives for the better every single day and that is something we believe should be celebrated!

Be sure to check out everything Endure Athletics is doing! Definitely one of our favorite organizations that we work with! Please support and donate resources if you are able.

Website: endureathletice.org
Instagram: @endure_athletics
Facebook: www.facebook.com/endureathleticsfoundation