“Women Nourishing The Community” Series Continues!

As we continue our “Women Nourishing The Community” series we are very excited to present the winner of February 2020 to the League of Women Voters of Rutherford County. The League of Women Voters encourages informed and active participation in government. They study and take positions on issues, but never support or oppose any candidate, party or political appointee. In addition they also have a strong commitment to voter education, action and advocacy for public policy. It is the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment allowing Women to vote and our friends at Nourish Food Banks agreed that it would be a great time to bring light to this amazing organization that has been helping people become more involved with our local government since 1957! It brings us great pleasure to present Kory Wells with our “Nourishing The Community” series award for the month of February 2020. The League of Women Voters has been making a very positive impact in our community in for a very long time and with local races happening right now and of course a presidential election coming up in November what better time to remind us all to do our part and participate in our local democracy!

Be sure to follow the work they are doing on social media and they have an event happening April 9th that covers the history of Women’s voting rights and how the League has assisted in their efforts! Here is the link to the event on Facebook…Click here!

Big thanks to Kory and the whole team at League of Women Voters for all they are doing to Spread The Positive!

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