NEW SHOW ALERT! Raising Barbara Jean and Wanda with Ashley Lamar and Kila Carr!

NEW SHOW ALERT! Raising Barbara Jean and Wanda with Ashley Lamar and Kila Carr!

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In the realm of podcasts, there is no shortage of themes and niches. However, a new entrant is about to shake things up. Enter “Raising Barbara Jean and Wanda,” the brainchild of TikTok sensations Kila Carr and Ashley Lamar. Launching on Mother’s Day, this podcast promises to be a hilarious, heartwarming, and downright crazy exploration of unconventional motherhood and the lessons learned along the way.

Known for their viral TikTok series, “My Lost and Found Sisters” and “Trailer Park Chronicles,” Kila and Ashley have connected through their shared experiences and tumultuous upbringings. Their mothers, Barbara Jean and Wanda, may not have been typical role models, but their unique parenting styles shaped Kila and Ashley into the strong, vibrant women they are today.

The podcast aims to share their wild childhood stories, fostering a sense of connection and solidarity with listeners who may have had similar experiences. It’s also designed to offer support to those raising children in challenging circumstances or discovering family through DNA tests.

Each episode, starting with their inaugural Mother’s Day launch, promises to be an unpredictable ride. Ashley and Kila don’t shy away from the hard truths of their upbringing. Still, they deliver their stories with humor, honesty, and a deep-seated appreciation for the life lessons they’ve learned.

Their inaugural episode dives headfirst into their experiences of Mother’s Day. Both the childhood memories and their evolving feelings towards the day as they’ve grown older. They also discuss a transformative healing exercise by John Bradshaw that they discovered on an episode of Oprah, which has greatly influenced their understanding and acceptance of their unconventional upbringing.

“Raising Barbara Jean and Wanda” is not just a podcast; it’s a community. A space where unconventional upbringings are celebrated, where life’s messiness is embraced, and where the power of humor and honesty is a healing force.

As they often remind their listeners, “Only we get to talk about our mommas like this!” So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with Kila and Ashley. Their unique blend of humor, heart, and home truths promises a podcast experience that you won’t forget.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to parenting, and that’s perfectly okay. After all, it’s the wild, crazy, and heartwarming stories that make a family, a family. “Raising Barbara Jean and Wanda” is a testament to that.

In the inaugural episode of “Raising Barbara Jean and Wanda!” Your hosts, Ashley and Kila, dive headfirst into the roller-coaster ride that is Mother’s Day.


Growing up, Mother’s Day was always a mixed bag of emotions. Kila and Ashley go over some of the good, bad, and ugly of how Mother’s Day went down as they were coming up!

But Mother’s Day isn’t just about the past. Ashley and Kila also discuss their evolving relationship with this special day as they’ve grown older. The things they love, the things they could do without, and the traditions they’ve started on their own – it’s a fresh and relatable take on a day that stirs up all kinds of feelings.

In this episode, they also delve into a powerful healing exercise by John Bradshaw that they discovered on an episode of Oprah. This transformative exercise has helped them view their mothers, and their upbringing, in a new light, fostering forgiveness and understanding.

John Bradshaw on Oprah

Don’t miss this wild ride that promises plenty of laughs, potentially a few tears, and some surprising revelations. And remember, only Ashley and Kila get to talk about their mommas like this!

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Buckle up, and enjoy the ride! Welcome to “Raising Barbara Jean and Wanda.”