Provide and Protect Challenge/Message of Love & Acceptance

This is a video about the "Provide & Protect Challenge" we are doing  in honor of Father's Day! In partnership with Legacy Ink Design we are  super excited to be honoring the Fathers and Father Figures that are out  here providing and protecting the ones they love! In the video founder  of Spread The Positive, Trent Denson explains the meaning behind the  challenge and expresses that people are encouraged to nominate the  single mothers, coaches, teachers, mentors, etc in addition to all of  the amazing Fathers that all play a role in providing and protecting! In  addition this video is dedicated to the lives that have been affected  by the systematic racism that has plagued our Country since it's  inception. Spread The Positive has always been about love and acceptance  of any walk of life. On a human level always recognizing that we are  the same. There is nothing inferior or superior about any particular  label out there. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or  religion we have to come from a place of love and acceptance. We are in  this together and put on this planet to make it a better place. Here at  Spread The Positive we vow to always be a beacon of light. To always be  an ally and supporter to any living soul our platform touches. We pray  for real and radical change that has a lasting impact. We have to change  the old ways of thinking and rid the people in power that don't live  these principles out. Racism and hate will not be tolerated. When you  are involved with Spread The Positive you can be assured that you will  always be welcomed, loved and appreciated! The time is now to come  together and be the change we want to see!     Love and acceptance will always prevail. STP is a force for bringing  this promise to frution! Please join our movement and the "network" we  are building around these principles! Now is the time! We have to be  better!

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