Women Nourishing The Community Series! January Recipient is...

Women Nourishing The Community Series! January Recipient is...

We are super excited to announce the first winner of the "Women Nourishing the Community Series" of 2021, the one and only. Nikki Sasser!

Nikki is a firework adding shine to all of Rutherford County. She is a Veteran, she handles Client Relations and Marketing for Crimson Security Service, Inc., and is the former chairwoman for the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce Diplomats, of which she is still an active member. Her work with the Diplomats has helped to grow the small business and women-owned business community of Rutherford County and helped connect community and business leaders for the good of the whole.

She previously managed the Smyrna Farmers' Market and did significant outreach work to help connect the community to fresh foods and locally sourced goods while also supporting the livelihoods of farmers and local craft and tradespeople. She formerly sat on the Smyrna Independent Merchant's Association Board of Directors, working to grow and support independent business owners, the lifeblood of our rich and vibrant community. She continues to support SIMA through her company's membership. Nikki also makes herself available to support Carpe Artista and the work they do to better the Smyrna and Rutherford County community through arts education and community development.

Nikki has served as part of the group launching 100 Women Who Care's Rutherford County branch, which provides an opportunity for women to come together quarterly to increase awareness of local nonprofit work and to provide group impact funding to identified nonprofits. Nikki is focused on loving her community and its members from the business leaders making daily decisions to the least of these facing crisis and tumult, and through it all she keeps the brightest of smiles and the most open of arms. She truly represents what it means to nourish our community!

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