Unwavering Faith & Healing: The Chiropractic Journey of Dr. Austen Scheumann

Unwavering Faith & Healing: The Chiropractic Journey of Dr. Austen Scheumann

Dr. Austen Scheumann on the Spread The Positive Podcast


Unshakable Faith in Healing: Dr. Austen Scheunmann’s Chiropractic Journey

In the realm of healthcare, chiropractic stands as a beacon of holistic healing, offering solace to those beleaguered by pain and imbalance. Yet, within this already transformative field, there are those who push its boundaries, introducing innovations that redefine wellness. Dr. Austen Scheunmann, the founder of Horizon Spinal Care, is one such visionary. And we were fortunate enough to host him on our latest episode of the Spread The Positive Podcast.

Dr. Austen Scheumann – Horizon Spinal Care on YouTube

A Deep Dive into NUCCA

Dr. Austen isn’t just any chiropractor. He specializes in a unique form of spinal care known as NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). Unlike traditional chiropractic methods, NUCCA focuses on the upper cervical spine, addressing misalignments with precision, and often with fewer adjustments. Austen’s passion for this special technique is evident, not only in his words but in the success stories of his patients.

Triumphing Over Trials

Every journey has its share of challenges, and Dr. Austen’s was no different. He launched his practice amid a global pandemic, a time when the world was reeling, and uncertainties abounded. Yet, his unwavering faith and determination saw him through. The Horizon Spinal Care story is not just about a medical practice; it’s about the power of vision, grit, and a relentless commitment to one’s calling.

An Inspiring Conversation

Throughout the episode, listeners will be privy to deep insights into the world of NUCCA, understanding why it’s becoming a sought-after remedy for many. Beyond the technical, the conversation dives into the heart of what it means to persevere, to hold onto one’s dream even when faced with insurmountable odds.

Dr. Austen Scheunmann’s story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the profound impact of unwavering faith in one’s purpose.

Join us on the Spread The Positive Podcast to witness this heartening narrative of resilience and hope. Discover the transformative power of chiropractic care, and be inspired by a journey that turned challenges into opportunities.

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Let the Horizon Spinal Care story uplift you. After all, in times like these, we could all use a dose of positivity.