Women Nourishing the Community Series October 2023 Recipient is…

At Spread The Positive, we’re committed to shining a light on individuals whose dedication to service is making a significant impact within our community. This October, as part of our “Women Nourishing the Community Series” in partnership with Nourish Food Bank, we’re thrilled to honor a woman whose relentless passion for service and leadership is nothing short of inspirational. Meet Amanda Howell, a beacon of positive change and empowerment in Rutherford County.

A Force for Community Good: Amanda’s journey is a testament to her deep-seated belief in giving back. Managing Two Sisters Maid to Clean, she isn’t just at the helm of a successful, locally-owned, women-led cleaning service; she’s also an integral community leader, weaving service into the fabric of her professional and personal life. Her role extends beyond business operations, as she collaborates closely with the founder, focusing on brand growth and community engagement.

Community Involvement – A Way of Life: Amanda’s idea of service transcends her professional commitments. She’s an active board member for the DVSA Center in Rutherford County, a mentor with TN Achieves, and contributes her skills to the Young Leaders Society for United Way and the Junior League. Her community footprint expands with her involvement in various non-profits including Nourish Food Bank, Child Advocacy Center, Isaiah 117 House, and First Shot Foundation, among others.

A Heart for Service: What’s remarkable about Amanda is not just her extensive list of service commitments, but the heart she puts into every interaction. Whether she’s mentoring the next generation, strategizing for a cleaner environment through her business, or volunteering her time and resources, Amanda embodies the ethos of “Spread The Positive.”

Family – The Core of Commitment: At home, Amanda is a devoted family woman. With a 15-year-old bonus son, Joey, and a 10-month-old son, Talon, her nurturing spirit knows no bounds. Her family stands as her core, her source of inspiration, and a constant reminder of the future she strives to influence positively.

The “Women Nourishing the Community Series” is not just about acknowledging community service; it’s about celebrating the incredible women whose selfless efforts form the backbone of our community’s health and future. Amanda Howell exemplifies this spirit. Her positive impact resonates throughout Rutherford County, reflecting the very principles we uphold at Spread The Positive. Here’s to Amanda, our October 2023 recipient, a true testament to the power of service, leadership, and positivity.

Call to Action: Know a woman who’s making a difference in your community? We invite you to nominate her for our upcoming spotlights. Let’s continue to acknowledge, celebrate, and be inspired by these incredible women among us. Because positivity, much like the work Amanda does, is contagious — let’s spread it.

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