Women Nourishing The Community Series Continues! May Winner is…

t brings us great pleasure to present another really amazing example of “Women Nourishing The Community”. As always the biggest shout out goes to the whole team at Nourish Food Banks for the partnership on this series! They really do Nourish our community in an amazing way! Thank you to Ladawna Parham for her leadership and commitment to helping as much as she possibly can! It’s very inspiring and such an awesome example of everything we are about here at Spread The Positive!

This month’s recipient is a great example of all things Spread The Positive and is definitely pouring into our local community. The May 2021 recipient of the “Women Nourishing The Community Series” is the one and only, Patrice Callahan Turek.Patrice has a big place in the coaching community (gymnastics and cheerleading), she is the founder of the Ignite Networking Group, she is very involved with World Outreach Church, and she is a co-owner in Westboro Nutrition (4183 Franklin Road, Suite 12B MURFREESBORO, Tennessee 37128). Patrice is passioante about connecting with people and building up the community around her!

Her motto is “shine the light” and she definitely lives that out on a crazy level!

Thank you for all you do Patrice!

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